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Top 10 Skills Needed for Analyst Relations

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Are you interested in pivoting to Analyst Relations? Curious about what skills are needed.

By Torrie Communications

Last week, I kicked off week 2 of The Analyst Relations Forum. Erin Zehr, Allen Valahuand I discussed the future of analyst relations and the skills that we need to build the most successful future. During the event, I presented research that many attendees responded to, so I thought I would share more broadly.

Analyst Relations (AR) jobs postings have increased at unprecedented numbers. @Linkedin shared that #analyst relations (AR) was actually the 10th fastest growing careers in the US.

Understanding the perceived requirements of these positions is pivotal; we want and need to grow the skills of our current and growing group of AR pros.

To help potential candidates and hiring companies, Torrie Communications analyzed 50 of the most recent analyst relations job posts; this helps us understand what skills companies are looking for in these roles.

I run an by-invitation group on LinkedIn only for analyst relations professionals and recruiters - DM Me for an invite.

The Top Skills included: Communication: Written and Verbal, Persuasive Skills, Collaboration, Interpersonal Skills, Strategic Thinking, Analytical Skills, Adaptability, Follow up/Execution and Enthusiasm.

Wendy Shlensky and I discuss this further on an upcoming episode of the Bendy Show, which will be available soon. Follow us on Apple podcasts.

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